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Sunset, Rovinj, Croatia 2014

Steve = Patient… Creative… Reliable… Talented…. Accessible…. Flexible… Energizing…

“Steve stepped forward several years ago with a generous offer to assist our organization with our communication goals. Our members are very appreciative that he is constantly ‘on call’ to respond to our needs and readily available to help with raising our profile and reach as a charity. He is very talented and brings fresh and unique ideas and tools to enhance our materials through a more professional and strategic approach in our graphics, colour schemes, logos and templates for all our communication tools. He has certainly set us on the right path towards taking this forward in our ongoing work.”

Janice Eisenhauer
Director, Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan


“I have had the great pleasure of working with Steve Speer for more than 10 years in collaborative projects involving branding, conceptual design and presentation of corporate information brochures, web design, PowerPoint presentations, annual reports, quarterly reports and various other public documents in a number of different companies. Steve assisted us to win the June Warren Annual Report – Financial Analysis and Design Award for Junior Oil & Gas Companies. I will definitely continue to use Steve for any future image and design based work. He truly is one of the best!”

Kelly Kerr
President, Kellus Consulting


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